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17 Feb. 2014 

Can I Dress My Baby Girl In Blue?

First Dress 650x650 Can I dress my baby girl in blue?

Tweet While we are beyond excited, my husband and I are still recovering from the shock of discovering, at 33 weeks pregnant, that Im having a baby girl. We had been mistakenly told by our doctor that we were having a little boy. In fact, I was growing a little girl bean! You can read the entire story right here . At 33 weeks, we already had a name picked out for what we thought was a little boy bean. We had painted his nursery walls blue.
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Steal That Style: These Boots Are Made For Walking!

Celebrity Baby Blog ? Steal That Style

The company has also taken into consideration the phenomenon of a growing childs feet: check out their special Does It Fit sockliner which allows parents to check the boot size over the months! SKECHERS Kids Blizzard Not Pinching Pennies: No struggling with zippers here all the SKECHERS Kids Blizzard in Primate ($48) need is a sturdy pair of hands to pull on these fashion-friendly boots! The suede fabric adorned with stitched seams measures up to the childs mid-calf and includes a faux-fur inner lining for those chilly fall nights. Just like mamas! Sophisticated and chic, Stride Rite Erin ($49) boots make such a splash in the kid-friendly boot market that moms may find themselves wishing for a pair to call their own. The lightweight sole allows extra flexibility for on-the-go little girls, while the accessible side zipper makes taking the boots off a breeze.
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13 Great Kids Rain Boots

The happy trio started off with a shopping trip to Soho and lunch at Balthazaar. Afterward they enjoyed a ballet performance and finished their evening with dessert at Serendipity 3. Instead of her signature heels, little Suri was sporting a pair of bright green and pink fairy rain boots and a matching backpack. She looks more like her mother everyday! Isabella, who will celebrate her seventeenth birthday next month, is Tom Cruises daughter whom he adopted with Nicole Kidman.
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Dansko To Debut Rainboots For Women & Children This Fall!

Silverman then used the bus to protect the girl from oncoming traffic. Prior to reaching the intersection, Silverman was behind cowboy boots for young girls the wheel of his Line 72 bus, heading north on 82nd in rainy conditions. He described seeing "a little pink thing" dash across the lane and he soon realized it was a small girl in pink pajamas and rain boots who ran into the busy street. Silverman said he immediately stopped and angled the bus to block traffic from hitting the girl. A passenger on the bus then scooped up the toddler and took her to safety while Silverman called dispatch. The girl's mother soon arrived at the scene, crying tears of relief. She said the first floor of their apartment flooded, and as the family was moving upstairs, her daughter slipped away. Silverman, who has been a TriMet driver for 15 years, said it was a happy reunion.
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TriMet bus driver helps rescue toddler at NE Portland intersecti - KPTV - FOX 12

Im pretty sure it all started with the fact that we were using them as outdoor shoes. Our backyard is pretty forest-y and as such rain boots are definitely appropriate footwear year round. During the summer whenever we went outside we would just quickly slip a pair of rain boots on my daughters tiny toddler feet. Very quickly she began to associate wearing her boots with going outside, so whenever she wanted to go somewhere she would say,Boots on!and it kind of stuck. Now she pretty much requests to wear her rain boots every day and I dont mind, because they are the only shoes she can put on by herself and it doesnt matter if she gets them dirty.
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Paddington Bear Baby Gap Line

Sundress Sweetness

From collaborations with favorite designers like Diane von Furstenberg and Stella McCartney to sweet collections featuring kiddie faves like Peter Rabbit and timeless superheroes, they always seem to nail it. Today, Paddington Bear gets the BabyGap treatment, and the limited-edition line couldn't be any cuter. Inspired by the original illustrations by Peggy Fortnum, the collection is suited for newborns through 24 months. Graphic bodysuits feature the beloved bear's likeness, and Paddington's signature duffel coat is brought to life for little boys and girls (in fun, polka-dot cape form for the latter). At $27, the yellow Wellington rain boots are among our top picks for the toddler on your shopping list. But don't take our word for it. Scroll down to see the Paddington collection in its adorable entirety!
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Suri Cruise?s Girls Day Out

According to WWD, the womens style will feature a removable cushioned footbed, while the childrens versions incorporate a foam EVA footbed. The line will be part of the Sanibel series of clogs with sneaker bottoms that launched this Spring. Boots will retail for 95-$110 for the womens and $65-$75 for the childrens. Delivery will begin in July.
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17 Feb. 2014 

Aw! Vanessa Simmons Shows Off Her Baby Girl?s First Hermes Shoes (photos)

Baby girl found naked and severely underfed in car boot may have been hidden there by mother for up to TWO YEARS

Neighbours of the baby

Vanessa Simmons is due to give birth to a little Wayans girl any day now, so after a candy-filled baby shower, shes getting her little princess wardrobe in order. And as we suspected, she has just as much style as her Auntie Angela and her momand shes not even born yet! Vanessa has been notoriously private about her life, but after sharing some intimate photos of her family enjoying her baby shower , she showed off one of her baby girls gifts: a pair of pink Hermes booties. Now excuse us while we go have baby fever. PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram
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Naked baby girl found shivering in boot of car as French police arrest woman 'who kept birth secret from her husband'

A 45-year-old Portuguese mother was in custody in France last night after her

The infant, thought to be aged between 15 and 23 months, was found by a mechanic on Friday after her mother brought her car into a garage in the French town of Terrasson. Sky News reports one of the garage workers heard "bizarre noises, like moans" coming from the boot of the car and found the little girl inside. Garage owner Denis Latour said: "She was naked, on the side there was a crib and this unbearable smell." He said the baby girl had been lying on rubbish bags, and was struggling to get fresh air because the closed boot was sealed. The girl's mother, 45, was said to have had little concern for her daughter. Sky
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A 45-year-old Portuguese mother was in custody in France last night after her 'secret' baby was found naked, filthy and shivering in the boot of her car in Brignac-la-Plaine When they opened the boot, they told Police, there was an overpowering stench. Investigators and medics rushed to the scene and took the infant into care. The mother and her husband -who was reportedly drunk in read charge of his scooter - were arrested. DNA tests on the child were ordered yesterday to establish her exact age and prove she was born to the woman. Neighbours of the couple who lived at Brignac-La -Plaine in the Correze department of SW France were incredulous at news of the discovery. 'They are people like any others and not dirty. 'I went to their house several times and there was never any trace of a baby. 'We never noticed that she was pregnant', said a villager.
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Baby girl found underfed and dehydrated after 'living in car boot since her birth'

Garage Owner Denis Latour found the baby

Iguacel said the mother appeared to have little concern for the girl. Paramedics were called and she was taken to hospital. Her parents have been charged with child abuse and neglect. Social services have removed their three other children - a 4-year-old girl and two boys aged 9 and 10. The mother said that she had kept the child's existence from her husband, an unemployed builder, also Portuguese, who police were unable to question at first because he was drunk. The mother said she gave birth alone and then hid the baby in the boot. It has no birth certificate and apparently no name. Prosecutor Jean-Pierre Laffite said the girl's height, weight and mental development did not conform to her age, estimated to be between 15 and 23 months. She cannot speak.
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Baby girl reared in car boot

Guillaume Iguacel, one of the mechanics who made the horrible discovery, said: Im still having trouble sleeping. 'It was a horrifying sight, seeing this little girl in her own excrement, not able to hold up her head, white as a sheet. Mechanic's shock: The baby - found in her own excrement in the foul-smelling boot after mechanics heard 'strange noises that sounded like moans' - is thought to have been hidden there from birth The Portuguese couple faces charges relating to depriving the child of care and food, inflicting habitual voluntary violence on a child under 15-years-old, and concealing a child's existence. Prosecutors said last night that the womans claim that the babys father, a 40-year-old unemployed builder, was unaware of the babys existence was one of several points being checked out by investigators. The couple were released under strict bail conditions and their names have not been released to protect the identity of their three other children, a girl aged four and two boys, nine and ten. The children are currently being cared for by Correze social workers. The couple are prohibited from entering their house pending further investigations by police. Hid baby's existence: Neighbours of the baby's parents, from French village Birgnac-la-Plaine (pictured), were shocked to learn the shocking news, one saying 'there was never any trace of a baby' Firemen who spoke to La Montagne newspaper said that the baby's life was at stake within a time frame of 15 minutes when she was discovered. A juvenile judge will make a ruling in the next few days on the future of the couples four children and whether the two eldest, the boys, can be returned to their parents.
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Baby 'forced to live in car boot' in France


Offering further details on the girl's condition, local prosecutor Jean-Pierre Laffitte said : The infant doesnt have the right size or weight for her age, she is psychologically delayed, and she displays a mentality and behaviour that dont conform to her age." The baby was hidden from all points of view, apparently since birth. Its a situation that defies belief, he added. The story has horrified the French public since it broke over the weekend and Le Parisien newspaper reflected the tone of most reactions with their headline on Monday: "The inconceivable existence of the baby in the boot." As if the initial discovery was not shocking enough, disturbing reports from neighbours suggest that the girl may have been kept hidden away in the boot of the family car since birth. "We had the impression that this woman lived in her car. She never left it," said Pascale, one of the family's neighbours. "I recall seeing her several times a week with her car parked in a little lot about 200 metres from her house," she added, referring to a carpark hidden from view, between fields and a row of houses under construction. "But we couldn't see what she was doing in the boot," said Pascale. Other neighbours told Le Parisien that the 45-year-old mother, named only as Rose-Marie, frequently used cardboard to cover the car. The couples neighbours have been reacting with shock to finding out the couple had a fourth child whose birth was never even registered with the state, and may even have been unknown to her father, a 40-year-old unemployed stone mason. The car always stayed outside at night [and not in the garage], so if the little girl was inside it, we didnt see anything, said one.
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