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26 Dic 2013 

Group Offers Rain Boots, Smiles To Syrian Refugee Children

The older boys tell us her father is dead, killed by a sniper in Homs as he was riding a minibus. One of her brothers is missing in Syria, presumed detained by regime forces; another is still recovering from injuries after an artillery strike. We wade through the sticky mud to her family tent. She and her sisters show us where they shoved cardboard into the makeshift ceiling to absorb the rainwater. Outour, Suzanne's 13-year-old sister, hasn't been able to register in school. Over the summer she and one of her brothers worked in the fields. Without a father, it's the children's burden to help make ends meet. As we chat their mother arrives, her face etched with pain, eyes weary.
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Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward

Nicholas Lowinger often brings the donated shoes right to the children himself.

The 100 percent waterproof Bogs Linen Classic (, $78) is a modern-day rubber boot that features pull-on handles, plenty of insulation and a moisture-wicking lining to keep feet nice and dry. This boot is comfort rated to -40 degrees F. Now that's warm! Serious booties for babies and new walkers Stonz Booties (, $40) are a brilliant option for little ones up to about age 3. The versatile bootie slips easily over snowsuits (and chubby little ankles and feet) and comes in more than 20 different designs! Soft, non-slip soles are perfect for developing feet and new walkers. They're warm and water-resistant and incredibly adorable. Tiny toes will be extra-protected by Sugarplum Boots from the Kamik Toddler Collection (, $45).
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REGION: Kids treated to new shoes

"I remember when one of my sons got his first pair, he was so excited that he just started kissing the shoes. It makes me feel awesome just knowing that they're happy." New shoes can make a child feel good about him or herself. ... They gain confidence, they're able to do better in school. CNN Hero Nicholas Lowinger Since starting this work, Nicholas has heard many emotional stories. He remembers one 16-year-old boy who had fled an abusive living situation with his mother. They had to make a quick escape, so the boy put on the first shoes he could get his hands on: a pair of his mother's old winter boots. With no other shoes, the boy had to wear the boots day in and day out. Not only were they the wrong size, but his classmates made fun of him for wearing women's my website shoes.
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How to choose the best winter boots for kids

Winter boots for kids

Each child was picked by staff at their schools after-school program to receive a new pair of shoes through a joint venture of Payless and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Parents stood outside as their kids went in, accompanied by a volunteer or staff member. Once inside, each child got their feet measured. The kids grinned from ear to ear when they heard that they got to pick whatever shoes they wanted and Boys & Girls Clubs and Payless were going to buy them. Down every aisle of the store, adults were helping the kids try on their shoes to make sure the style and fit were just right.
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Footy boots for kids campaign

Aboriginal children playing AFL at The Gunbalanya School. From next Wednesday, special collection bins will be in every <a href=kids cowboy boots Coles supermarket in Victoria so they can be taken to remote communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.' style='float:left;padding:5px' />

When the East Alligator River stops being a river and becomes a sprawling flood plain and the small community pokes up from the inland sea like a small island, the only way in and out is by plane. But for many locals, reaching out to the world takes far more than a plane ride. It takes more than a plane flight to commit to leave the community to further their education to be able to access a job. Esther Djayhgurrnga did it. She left the community of 1600 in Gunbalanya (or Oenpelli), went to secondary school, then university in Darwin and has returned as principal of the school.
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26 Dic 2013 

Buy Toddler And Kids' Rain Boots Online

toddlers cowboy boots

Kids Chooka Rain Boots From For a trendy, urban look, kids can wear the Chooka Kids Tattoo City Rain Boots, sold at and pictured below. Emblazoned with iconic tattoo art (skulls and crossbones, hearts with Mom and Dads names, lucky horseshoe), the preciously punk rain boots are available in turquoise or black with an adjustable buckle at the top. In kids and toddler sizes. Price: $34.95. Shipping varies. Hatley Rubber Boots From The Hatley Waterproof Kids Rubber Boats from feature designs to fit any kids fancy (see labs design below). Choose from patterns of wild pirates, dinosaurs, labs, aliens, or stars on these felt lined rubber boots. Two handles help youngsters pull the boots on.
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Koalabi Australia Kids Boots

Koalabi Kids Original Boots front

"It's so great to be a part of," says Boys and Girls Club Program Director Brandy Enver. "And I think our kids really need it and that's the best part." All three of Springfield's Boys and Girls Club locations were able to bring 50 kids to the Payless ShoeSource shoe store to pick out early Christmas gifts. "50 kids, $20, three clubs, 50 kids at each club," says Enver. "I mean that's a lot of shoes and we get to be a part of that." For many of the kids, something as simple as a new pair of shoes means a lot. "There are a lot of them during this time that could use a little help and generosity," says Enver. "And we are so happy that we have the opportunity to do this for kids and that we have people in the community that support the Boys and Girls Club and who are willing to donate their time and money." It didn't take the kids long to pick out the perfect pair of shoes. "I feel happy," said one of the kids. "Happy and lucky," said another.
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A Guide to Teaching Kids How to Put on Shoes

Since 2010, the organization has donated new footwear to more than 10,000 homeless children in 21 states. Frencis Velasquez's three children received new shoes from Nicholas Lowinger, right. "By giving new footwear to homeless children, I'm making sure them and their families have at least one less thing to worry about," Nicholas said. "I'm also allowing parents to save money for an apartment or food for their next meal." Two years ago, Frencis Velasquez found herself homeless with three young children. "It's been difficult. Going from shelter to shelter, meeting all these different people. My kids didn't have anything that was stable," said Velasquez, 23.
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Helping homeless kids put their best foot forward

Nicholas Lowinger often brings the donated shoes right to the children himself.

In my case, a bigger snowfall earlier in the year meant a trip to my kids winter storage bin to find their winter boots, only for me to discover that both had outgrown their previous years boots, despite both pairs of boots being too big last year. So much for buying in advance, right? And so my latest adventure into buying kids winter boots began. As with any good boot, I wanted to find ones that would keep my kids feet warm no matter how low the temperature got, but also boots that they could wear both outside and as normal footwear. Also, because my kids hate wearing socks, something that would work without socks was also on my list of wants. After a huge amount of mom research, I stumbled upon Koalabi Australia, makers of genuine sheepskin boots from Melbourne Australia. Their boot designs are built with 100% authentic double sided sheepskin so that you have smooth suede outers and cushioned sheepskin interiors, making them perfectly insulated for winter wear, while keeping your feet cool by absorbing excess moisture in warmer temps.
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Payless ShoeSource Program Provides Free Shoes to Boys and Girls Club Kids

We have to educate the students but also the parents to continue working with them in a positive way so that one day they can see their child's future. It was the most important asset I had, they worked with me. I didn't organise to be a principal, they did. It is satisfying, it is a long way I had to go to be a principal, it is a lot of pressure, a lot of hurdles but I had to be strong to be able to be where I am today, not an easy task." The Gunbalanya School is well equipped, with young, enthusiastic teachers. Last year they had two students graduate high school. It was widely celebrated.
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Footy boots for kids campaign

Aboriginal children playing AFL at The Gunbalanya School. From next Wednesday, special collection bins will be in every Coles supermarket in Victoria so they can be taken to remote communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

He rewarded her with a small cookie after she learned each step. Needless to say, she learned in one hour how to tie her shoes. Make it fun for them so they don't think it's a chore. But when they figure it out, definitely make a big deal out of it then, writes Deana M. 5. Have A Child Show the Way Instead of You Tanya Y. suggests enlist the help of an older child. Does your daughter have a close cousin or friend she hangs with a lot?
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25 Dic 2013 

That Typical Western Girl

Fringing: The singer looked to have enjoyed her night at the popular gay bar Daisy Dukes: The 31-year-old country singer was dressed appropriately in a denim shirt, distressed cut-off shorts and white cowboy boots LeAnn's friends looked equally as enthusiastic for their night out, also wearing checked shirts, denim and tan leather boots. The star looked to be feeling better after writing on Twitter earlier in the day: 'Had the best time today with my GF's even while having what I think is food poisoning.' The country crooner, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian, 40, has reportedly been putting on weight recently in the hope of having children. Smiley: It is thought that Le-Ann might have indulged in a spot of karaoke during the evening However the star looked slim and healthy, as she enjoyed a night off from helping to look after Eddie's two children. She was last spotted with her family on Saturday, when she went to watch 10-year-old Mason play soccer despite Eddie's ex-wife Brandi also being in attendance. LeAnn and Eddie first met while filming the TV movie Northern Lights and subsequently began to cosy up. Shortly after news of their affair surfaced, LeAnn split from then-husband Dean Sheremet and Eddie had a bitter divorce from Brandi.
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Family time: The Blue singer brought burgers and fries for lunch during their soccer outing

She is like this because everyone around her enables her to be like this. Daddys little princess, moms best friend and will she live girl toddler cowboy boots on her pedestal for the rest of her life or until the money runs. BTW this stereotype is real life for most western girls and anyone who knows a girl at western or has been there knows this to be fact PhDkid March 19, 2013 at 6:51 pm 1. Winning the Vanier six times doesnt mean you have top athletes. It means you have had a strong football program. A .500 winning percentage in Vanier cup games (for the record). Yes, I will concede that UWO has a good athletics department, but how do you measure that? Show me the OUA and CIS titles. Down the 401, Windsor just celebrated its third consecutive CIS womens bball title, a department with half the amount of varsity and club teams.
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These Boots Are Made for Walkin': Steal Lola Rose Sheen's cowboy boot style

He spent less than 24 hours in the United States. Then there was the time when Schwarz and Crane flew to New York City to perform a fitting for six Goldman Sachs executives. Word spread through the office building and by the time the father-daughter team returned to Montana, they had 20 orders. The Schwarzes never really planned to go into the teaching business their first student simply showed up on the familys doorstep unannounced. Her name was Petra Molenaar, a 49-year-old woman from Holland. For a month Molenaar lived with the Dillon family learning the craft of boot making. After that we had requests for classes, Crane said.
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Baby 'forced to live in car boot' in France

The best will cost you a pretty penny. Here are some options for people who want the cream of the crop. Favorite Items: Robert Cavalli Disco Tex Texano Boot $250 and Cakewalk Red Cowboy Boots $140 (right, currently on sale for $75) Spare No Expense Of all the cowboy boots we saw, these were the most true to the "classic" style. Theyre made of the finest materials and promise to give real comfort to growing feet. Favorite Items: Frye Harness Pull-On $80 and Geox KidsJcowboy1 $100 (right) Not Pinching Pennies Pink cowboy boots werent hard to find at all. In fact for little girls theres a surplus of them.
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Dillon boot maker shares Western footwear craft

All That Jazz Salon & Day Spa

Pull On Rubber Outdoor Rain Boots. Sizes: 10,11,12,13,3,4,8,9 Widths: Medium . Great back to school shoes for kids. Even little girls like to go a little buggy. Waterproof natural rubber upper. Full net fabric lining. Removable cushioned insole. Deluxe non-slip rubber sole. Pull handles for easy on/off.
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Girls' Ladybug Boots (Toddler - Youth) - Red : Western Chief Boots

Unconvinced, the mechanics opened up the boot, only to find a naked and dehydrated baby girl in a basket, aged between 15 months and two years old. I felt that the baby needed air, that she was going to suffocate, one of the mechanics told TF1 television. The girl was conscious but in a filthy state and appeared to have a fever, the mechanics reported. Paramedics were called and she was immediately taken to hospital in nearby Brive-la-Gaillarde, TF1 reported. The mechanic who found the western boots for toddlers girl, Guillaume Iguacel, told AFPon Mondaythathe was still reeling from the discovery.
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24 Dic 2013 

A Children's Author Wrangles A Cowboy Soundtrack

"All of us knew the theme songs to them," she says. "I actually love that sound that cowboy frontier sound and that era of songwriting, the sort of lure of the West." Boynton calls bass player and session leader Viktor Krauss the spiritual and musical guide on the project. "I love the tune 'Frog Trouble,'" Krauss says. "It paints such a picture." His sister, bluegrass icon Alison Krauss , sings a ballad on the album. Viktor Krauss says working on kids' music allows for more freedom in the studio. Anything goes, as long as it's not too goofy. "You're appealing to kids and you're also appealing to adults that will have to listen, because the kids want to hear it," he says. "It's very cerebral stuff." Frog Trouble has fun layers of detail, like incorporating the four-note "My Dog Has Fleas" tune that's used to tune ukuleles at the start of Dwight Yoakum 's song, "I've Got a Dog." Other collaborators on Frog Trouble include the band Fountains of Wayne , Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley and Ryan Adams . "I had fun getting into this country world," Boynton says.
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Colorful Whitefish character dies at age 75

Kalispell Auto Parts (Napa)

Relevant offers Daredevil children once again strapped on their cowboy boots and hard hats to play sheep wrangler at this year's Methven Rodeo. Up to 7000 spectators turned out at the annual Mid-Canterbury event on Sunday to watch a range of activities, including bull riding, team roping and bareback riding. The stars of the day were the plucky children who hopped on the backs of running sheep. The event, sometimes known as "mutton busting", requires children to see how long they can hold on to the animals, with varying results. Although several injuries were reported during the adult-only categories, St John spokesman Ian Henderson said other incidents at the rodeo were "minor things like requests for plasters".
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Children turn sheep-rider at rodeo

He was a Whitefish icon an ambassador, said Donna McGough, who met Daymude the first day he arrived in town in 2003. People loved seeing him. He made tourists feel like they were in a Montana town. He sure depicted the West. Born Gerald Gilbert Daymude in 1938 and raised on an estate in Kensington, Md., Daymude said in a 2007 interview that dressing with style was important to his mother. She advised all three of her children to always look their best whenever they went out in public. Daymude had a fascination with the West since childhood. In 1988 he moved to a Navajo reservation in Flagstaff, Ariz., after watching a television evangelist plea for a maintenance man to work with missionaries. When I arrived, they said I was the sharpest-dressed maintenance man theyd ever seen, he recalled.
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Waltham, MA (PRWEB) December 22, 2013 , a lifestyle retailer committed to helping people live healthier, more eco-friendly lives, is pleased to include Western Chief rain boots in their unique assortment of childrens footwear. Created to help active kids reach their fullest potential even in the rainiest of weather, Western Chief is known for their adorable styles and fun attitude. Western Chief rain boots incorporate fun characters that kids love into all of their boots to make the rain truly enjoyable. PlanetShoes is happy to carry Western Chief, a brand that consistently brings smiles to the faces of children everywhere, said Phil Meynard, President of Planet, Inc. Their adorable styles and high quality waterproof material make these the perfect rain boots for kids of all ages. is carrying a variety of kids Western Chief rain boots, including their popular Batman, Thomas the Tank Engine and Frog styles.
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24 Dic 2013 

Kids Run In The First Ever Cowboy Boot Camp

Fitness is on everyone's mind here at the Expo Park as this is the first ever get fit Cowboy obstacle course, so it's time to cowboy up. "We wanted to help kids and families, remind them where their foods coming from and the importance of physical activity and proper nutrition so we've got an obstacle course set up that's got 30 obstacles that's over a mile long," explains Coordinator Kori Laliberty. Kids got more than just a day of fun, they also got a lesson in healthy living. "Yes we are promoting just a healthy way of life, we love kids and their active lifestyles that they have and we want to help them stay young even through adulthood and keep our hearts healthy," says Laliberty. Several local groups were on hand to teach kids about healthy eating. "20 community members who have come and have booths set up we have wheat Montana and farm union and wick, and goodness I couldn't even continue," says Laliberty.
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Up there, Junior, boots are our goal

Aboriginal children playing AFL at The Gunbalanya School. From next Wednesday, special collection bins will be in every Coles supermarket in Victoria so they can be taken to remote communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

He can pinpoint a kick anywhere, he is very accurate.'' In Junior's community, Mr Molyneux says, employment opportunities are limited if and when the kids graduate from school. ''It's sad to say a lot of the kids end up as parents and that is pretty much the cycle we have. ''Football for a lot of these kids would be an option to get them out of that cycle,'' Mr Molyneux said. Bayulu Remote Community School was formed after the war in nearby caves used as wartime storage facilities. On the Gogo Station (which covers about 7000 square kilometres), the school draws in students from six indigenous communities, as far away as Mimbi, 100 kilometres away. The kids from Mimbi board a bus daily for the drive to school, alight at school and change into their uniform, which is kept at the school, then do the same long drive home every day.
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Roman Kids Showed Off Status with Shoes

Roman baby shoe

From lowtop slip-ons to bold colors and fun prints, rain boots have come a long way from standard-issue yellow rubber. Before you stock up on everything you need to wrap up your family's winter wardrobe , check out the latest in rain boot fashion for kids! Black, white & cool all over These black Tretorn Strala slip-on ankle boots (Zappos, $40) are stylish like a skateboarding sneaker but feature everything youd want in a rain boot. The outside is made from waterproof, PVC-free rubber that has a matte black finish for an added cool factor. They have microfleece lining to keep kids cozy on the inside and reflective detail on the heel for safety at night. Theres a pull-tab to help kids slide the shoes on and off, plus no-slip grip on the outsole. Giddy up! These Western Chief rain boots for girls (Macy's, $25) feature fun pink pull-handles and colored polka dots that capture just about every color in the post-storm rainbow.
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Celebrity Kids Are Loving The Cowboy Boot Trend!

[ See Images of the Roman Shoes ] Shoes and status From this pile of footwear, Greene and her colleagues traced what types of children's shoes were found where. They discovered that the decorations on the shoes corresponded to the places they were uncovered. In the barracks, for example, children's shoes mimicked the common boot of adult soldiers . Thanks to wooden tablets found at the site, the researchers know which building housed Flavius Cerialis, the prefect of the Ninth Cohort of Batavians around A.D. 100. Flavius' family, including his wife, Sulpicia Lepidina, may have had a role in public life around the base, Greene said.
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Kids trek first-ever Cowboy Boot Camp

The Great Falls chapter of Action For Healthy Kids held the event at the Montana ExpoPark. More than 60 kids ran the one mile course, making their way through 30 different obstacles such as rope courses, tires and a slide. Most of the obstacles were built by Electric City FFA members. Planning for the event started back in February and event organizer Kori LaLiberty says she's happy that all the hard work as paid off: "Words can't explain it. It's been awesome and they've been so excited and just makes everything worth it.
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Must-have wet weather kicks for kids

Glosh rainboots

People with used football boots are being encouraged to drop them in collection boxes at Coles stores, from where they will be cleaned and donated to children in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. Indigenous AFL star Burgoyne said his experience in indigenous communities had taught him that this type of program could have a strong impact. ''They might just throw them away, but with this you can come down to Coles, chuck them in the box and they'll get shipped out to people in communities that really need them. ''It's just giving something back. I'll be going home to get all my spare boots and dropping them toddlers cowboy boots off tomorrow.'' Freeman added: ''I think it will have an impact on indigenous families and kids in those far-flung regions of Australia, because they'll realise that giants like Coles are open-hearted and wanting to make a difference in their lives.'' Giving something to kids and keeping them connected to community and education is behind The Age's Boots for Kids campaign.
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Helping indigenous kids ... boots and all

Gwen may be a wild and ready rock star, but toddler Zuma was dressed in his best cowboy toddler clothes . Even rock boys need to let out their inner country from time to time, and this cute look is so easy to copy. First, it is all about the boots. Any cowboy knows that you are only as snazzy as the boots you have on. A great pair of toddler cowboy boots can add a little western flair to almost any outfit. Boots are a great footwear choice for this fall, too. They are the warmest of most toddler shoes , and can protect little feet when out jumping in piles of leaves. A great western themed outfit is a fun addition to add to your toddler clothes.
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